If you're an Investor, Flipper, or Wholesaler, Having A Good Title Company Partner is Critical

In most cases, Investors, Flippers, and Wholesalers find themselves working together to get deals done.  We work with many wholesalers and investors to close deals.  We have lots of clients that are house flippers.  We know what you need, we know what’s important to you.

We understand your deal structure.  Some deals are assignments, some are double closings, we are familiar with and have closed many of each.  We understand that discretion is important between the parties and we know how to play our role.  We understand contract law, and what needs to happen when a party defaults.  Trust us, we will protect your interests.  We can help you obtain the legal advice you need and guide you.  This is why so many wholesalers, investors, and flippers use us.   

We also understand the importance of everyones fees.  We will protect your privacy.  

We do the hard work, and we do it early in the transaction to ensure that your buyer closes according to the terms of their contract.  Time kills deals, and we move fast!

 Here’s what else you can count on us for:

  • Timely Communication

  • Meeting Deadlines 

  • Effective Coordination

  • Overall High Quality, Professional Serivce

Marketing partners – contact us to receive commissions on accounts you refer.  No Title Company Partner will compensate you better, we guarantee it!

let's start working together

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