Realtor CE Classes are required to maintain licensure. Although our classes aren't CE (working on that), they do offer valuable information.

Lunch & learn courses

Our Realtor education courses, also known as lunch and learn’s (or wine and learn’s :)) are taught by our In-house Counsel Eugene Vigoa, a former professor. 

They can be held here in our office or you can request us to come to your office.  We are constantly adding new courses, but our current available course topics are:

1. Resolving problems in Municipal Lien Searches: Who is responsible for open and expired permits?
2. Common mistakes Realtors make in filling out an “As Is” Purchase Contract
3. Representing the seller
4. The closing process: from escrow letter to closing statement, what to expect
5. Ethical Realtor practices
6. Deeds, Notes, and Mortgages
7. Understanding the settlement statement and CD
8. Estate planning for buyers and sellers
9. Understanding FIRPTA:  protecting all parties when the seller is a foreign national
10. Limited Liability Company, Corporations, Probate and Trusts as sellers and buyers
11. Landlord and Tenant issues in real estate
12. “We have new wire instructions” – Fraud and how to stop it
13. To get title insurance or not to get title insurance: The horror of opting out of the owner’s title insurance policy
14. So, the buyer breached the contract, now what? Can the seller keep the deposit?


Other classes can be tailored to meet the broker’s need and new classes are being built as we speak!

Protect your clients, yourself, your commission, andyour broker!


If You Would Like To Schedule A Lunch And Learn:
1. Visit Our Lunch And Learn Calendar
2. Call Us At (954) 433-7680
3. Or Send Us An Email


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