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Looking to Grow your Business? Do You Need Help with Your Real Estate Marketing? Here is How We Can Help You!

The way consumers respond to real estate and lender marketing has changed.  At First Choice Title we do everything we can to help you generate business through friends, past clients, and organically ONLINE, where over 90% of homeowners begin their search.  So…how can First Choice Title help you grow?

Here’s How We Can Help You:   

    • Real Estate Marketing Classes with Workshops and 1 on 1 Instruction You may be familiar with the Realtor Classes we’ve hosted  in the past.  However we have recently cultivated a new series of classes specifically tailored for Realtor Marketing vs simply title industry informational. Some of our newer class topics are below:

      • The following classes are FREC approved and accredited and count towards CE credits 

        • Effectively Using Social Media In Real Estate

        • Contracts, Commitments, and Closing Basics

        • Using LinkedIn to Improve Your Business

      • The following Classes are Stricly Informational

        • How To Use Chat GPT To Grow Your Business

        • Youtube 101: How To Create A Youtube Video And Channel

        • 30 Youtube Video Ideas To Help You Stand Out

        • Farming:  Generate Leads From You Local Area

        • Becoming A Luxury Real Estate Agent

        • Setting Yourself Apart: Create The Ultimate Brand

        • Digital Strategies To Implement Today: Sales, Prospecting, & Lead Generation

        • 9 Ways To Use LinkedIn To Generate Real Estate Leads

        • 13 Real Estate Listing Presentation Insights

        • A Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Using Tiktok

        • Apps Agents Need To Make Their Business Soar!

        • How To Video Market Like A Real Estate Pro

        • I-Buyers And What Agents Need To Know

        • How To Effectively Use Social Media In Real Estate

        • How to use Canva: A 9 Step Guide To Creating Visual Content

        • Snapchat For Real Estate Professionals: The Complete Guide

        • The Ultimate Guide To Real Estate Youtube Marketing

        • Understanding The Process:  Prior To Contract Signing.

        • Understanding The Process: From Contract To Closing.

        • Keys To A Successful Closing.

        • Learn To Make “Timelines.”

        • How To “Farm” (Harvest Prospects) How To Attract Prospects.

        • Maximize Your Time And Optimize Your Potential.

        • Reconnecting With Past Clients.

        • Tips: Important Factors Before And During A Presentation With Sellers.

        • Negotiation With Sellers And Securing Representation.

        • Important Factors When Talking To A Buyer.

        • Negotiating a Listing for Your Buyer.

        • Negotiationg With A Buyer’s Representative.

        • Defending Property Values.

        • Ethics And The Correct Way To Introduce Yourself To Other Agents.

      • These classes will have guest speakers and hands on workshops  supplemented with  1 on 1 appointments with Realtors designed to help you implement some of these crucial marketing and social media tools into your business.  Our goal is to help you every step of the way to learn new and sustainable marketing approaches that turn prospects into clients.  Email our Sales Manager Dan at dan@firstchoicetitleservices.com to set an appointment. 

    • Social Media Marketing & Training Services  Having a strategic social media strategy is a MUST in today’s competitive real estate business.  There are many good social networks that can assist in getting your messages to “friends and followers” along with creating more engagement which leads to face-to-face meetings and business! Do you know HOW to use these social networks effectively? We teach our clients how to set up accounts and use the advanced features to of all the leading social media platforms so your appear professional and knowledgeable to your subscribers.  Some of those platforms include:

    • YouTube Speciality Channel Training – YouTube has around 55% of all video traffic on the internet. Having a viable channel for your real estate business is a great way to educate clients and prospects, and gain business. We can help you set up your channel, optimize it, and teach you to gain subscribers. When we are done, you will have a Professional YouTube Channel.

    • Lead generation – We know that marketing cost is very expensive for Realtors.  And with so many company’s selling leads, it’s hard to tell which is better than another without spending thousands of dollars.  Ask us to show you how we help you generate hundreds of FREE leads of targeted homeowners motivated to sell.  If you have an account, you can login to our LEADS tool to download targeted data lists now by clicking here.  If you don’t have a login, contact us today to get access.

    • First Choice Title Technology Services – Our services focus on teaching you HOW TO create effective online content to get ranked on the 1st Page of Google, use and shoot Videos in your Real Estate business and generate qualified clients!

    • First Choice Title Home Buyer/Seller Guides – Get your clients as educated as possible on the home buying/selling process.  These guides include the “in’s and out’s” about the Settlement process, what is Title Insurance, why you need it, and more.  If you want copies…just ask!

    • Sponsor your next Broker’s Open: Yes, we also can sponsor your Broker Opens. Just contact me with the Open date, property address, and time. We are here to help!

    • Electronic Closings: Buyer or seller are out of state or country, no problem First Choice Title has you covered with “electronic closings.”  This means we can close your buyer through “FaceTime” on a computer and have them electronically sign. We then can electronically notarize the documents and record them. 

    • We are constantly adding new and exciting ways to assist Realtors.  Please stay tuned for updates!

let us help you grow your business!

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