Here's why Realtors Prefer to Work With Us

We are your partner in real estate


We understand what’s important from your perspective Mr./Mrs. Super Amazing Realtor, so we want to make your life easier! 


  • We will communciate very well with you and your clients so keep you in the know.  There’s nothing worse than being given information days later that could’ve affected the transacdtion positively for your client had you known it earlier.

  • We are polite and pleasant to work with:  Our team knows title, and as such, we understand how imporant it is to treat people with respect and have a positive attitude no matter the situation.  This is how we’ve built hundreds of lasting relationships with Realtors over 10 years.

  • We want to get you to the closing table, quickly:  We have good vendor relationships and can get searches back in a day or two if necessary to help you meet deadlines and get closed as quickly as you need to.  


  • We want to be more than your preferred title company, we ant to be your partner.  We understand the challenges Realtors face with Marketing and securing new clients.  We have invested heavily in tools to help you grow your business, target and acquire new prospective buyers and sellers, and convert and close deals.  Check out our free Realtor Tools by clicking here, and let us help you find your next deal.

  • Included in our Realtor Tools are our popular Realtor Classes, specializing in Marketing.  We can show you how to maximize social media as a lead channel, create Youtube videos, or how to use our free FETCH tool to generate leads with phone numbers and email addresses for marketing  

  • Here are several additional ways we can help with your marketing:

    • We can host or sponsor events with you

    • We can introduce you to clients who call us directly

    • We can help with printed marketing materials

    • Need something else?  Contact us and let us know.  We would be happy to help!


If You Would Like To Schedule A Marketing Class/Workshop:
1. RSVP via Our Calendar
2. Call Us At (954) 433-7680
3. Or Send Us An Email

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