Our In house Attorney and Experienced Staff will Protect You when Selling Real Estate

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In certain counties in Florida, Seller’s pick the Title Company.  And in other counties, where the buyer picks, the Seller can still choose who they want to represent them and prepare their documents.  So why choose us?  

As a Seller, having attorney representation is helpful because the attorney can offer legal advise that a title company’s staff cannot offer.  We employe an In-house Attorney, and his only responsibility is to ensure that our sellers are properly advised, their questions are answered, and they are protected.  

After ensuring your protection, the most important thing for you Mr./Mrs. Seller, is to close!  There is nothing worse than taking your house off the market for several weeks only to relist it because it didn’t close.  The way some Settlement Agents behave, you would think they get paid if deals DON’T close!  We are aggresive, and so are our underwriters.  We do the hard work, and we do it early in the transaction to ensure that your buyer closes according to the terms of their contract.  Time kills deals, and we move fast!

 Here’s what else you can count on us for:

  • Timely Communication
  • Meeting Deadlines 
  • Effective Coordination
  • Overall High Quality, Professional Serivce
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thinking of hiring us?

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